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Gender Equality & Women Empowerment

Thematic Area / Gender Equality & Women Empowerment

Girls empowerment and improved self-confidence

Another most efficacious activitiy was self-defence training because it played a valued role in empowering girls and building self-confidence in terms of taking an action against discrimination, verbal abuse, or violence (verbal teasing, child marriage) if any they faced either in home, or in the communities or schools. LIFE Nepal organized 10 events of self-defence training to 182 schoolgirls in the project area as there was the high number of girls’ violence reported in the project area during and after COVID pandemic. They were at high risk because even local police offices were not registering abuse or violence related cases in that period. The overall objective of the training was to enhance knowledge of schoolgirls and enable them to break the culture of silence by taking an action against the abuse or violence if they happen to face as well as equip them with technical skills of self-defence (a part of Martial Art) to protect themselves.