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LIFE Nepal / About Us

We help children stay safe,
healthy, and learn.

We are a non-profit organization registered at the District Administration Office of Dhanusha in 2012 and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council in Kathmandu. We are a women and youth led organization that is centered in Madhesh Province. Our aim as an organization is to ensure that the basic needs, such as education, health, social protection, and the livelihood of people (especially girls, Dalit, Muslims, women, youth, and people with disabilities), are satisfied. Therefore, we endeavor to build up the capacity of our communities and key stakeholders through modern technology transfer that contributes to one of the key values of LIFE Nepal, namely that “Information is the means of empowering people”.

Since its establishment in 2012, LIFE Nepal has been raising awareness and advocating for key community issues like promotion of girls’ education through ending child marriage, literacy (numeracy, reading and writing skills) quality education, early grade reading, gender based violence, zero discrimination, gender sensitive global citizenship and life skill education for youth, strengthening civil society for accountability, local governance, women and youth empowerment, sexual and reproductive health rights, life skills and income generation opportunities to pro-poor and marginalized communities, complete safe motherhood, cultural promotion through curriculum development in local language, and capacity building, education response in emergency (earthquake, flood, firing, windstorm, cold wave, heatwave, and COVID-Corona Virus Disease pandemic), disaster risk management, social behaviour change through community engagement and Human Centred Approach and inclusive climate resilient community development from local government to district and provincial to national level in partnership with key stakeholders and like-minded organizations and through the mobilization of champions especially girls, as well as local, national and international volunteers.

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Last Year We Helped 8,000 People, Kids
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