Sambav/ZT: GBV Free School Programme

To create child and adolescent-friendly learning environments that are GBV-free where girls and boys are empowered to protect themself and to respond to incident of GBV in school. This project was implemented by LIFE Nepal in 50 schools of Dhanusha district. To address the harmful GBV practices seen in Nepal, the project works to promote safe learning environments by bringing child protection actors and services into school communities and to increase awareness, knowledge, skills and attitudes to prevent and address GBV in schools. The project also undertakes the development of a systematic reporting and referral mechanism to monitor and respond to incidents of school-related GBV to ensure that learners who are victims or at risk of violence are appropriately supported and have access to child and adolescent friendly services.

Girls Access to Education (GATE)

Following the spirit of educating out of girls school, LIFE Nepal in partnership with the government of Nepal and under the support of UNICEF implemented "Girl Access to Education (GATE)” program in Dhanusha. Programme aimed to provide educational opportunity to those out of schools adolescent girls, to expand their options and opportunities in the life and to motivate adolescent younger girls to mainstream in formal school. Similalry, programme targted to empower adolescent girls knowledge and skills on girls trafficking, early marriages, child labor, HIV/AIDS, and menstruation hygiene management as well as to strengthen life and vocational skills to empower them economically.

Self defense training

LIFE Nepal under “Ending Child Marriage” project supported by GFF organized self-defense training for girls champion and girls club members. The main objective was to

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