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Thematic Area / Education


The continuity of children's learning is guaranteed through the distribution of self-learning materials and the implementation of safe school protocols.

LIFE distributed self-learning materials to 41,000 students across 280 schools. To ensure the proper utilization of these learning materials within the school setting, 1,818 teachers underwent orientations. These sessions elaborated on their extended role in guiding and orienting parents. Moreover, 6,219 parents participated in educational sessions designed to create an enabling environment for learning continuity at home through the effective use of self-learning materials.

Created an alternative education plan to ensure the uninterrupted continuity of learning.

Education response plans were formulated based on the evaluation of schools and children, considering scenarios like heavy rain, floods, or other emergency situations. These plans were then implemented in 20 Palikas. Before the execution, a provincial-level education cluster meeting took place in the presence of Mr. Ima Narayan Shrestha, the Secretary of the Ministry of Social Development (MOSD). Development (MOSD).