The core values of the organization are:

Children are the pedestal of new Nepal therefore their voices and choices are respected by the people for their active and meaningful participation and development so that they can freely exercise their rights and entitlements in the society for their rights protection and survival

All forms of violence and discrimination likewise caste and ethnicity based, gender based domestic against girls, women, Dalit and people with disability intolerable and unacceptable in the area where LIFE Nepal engaged

LIFE Nepal beliefs that Information Campaign empowers the people to claim their fundamental rights and entitlements through providing basic information regarding services of the government for people of the nation hence denial of right to information is non-negotiable in terms of marginalized people especially girls, women, youth, Dalit, Janjati, Muslims, and people with disability

LIFE Nepal realized that people are poor in the absence of their education rather than uneducated due to poverty, therefore LIFE assumed that Education is for the diminution of poverty