• Organize, empower, and mobilize marginalized women and youth in the right’s
    (especially Girls, Dalit, Muslim, children with disabilities) protection and
    advocacy against child/early marriage, Child labor, violence against
    women/girls, and gender-based violence.
  • Inform, aware and sensitize community and marginalized people (especially
    Dalit, Janajati, people with disability, elderly, single women, pregnant and
    lactating women, and Muslim) about the rights, entitlements, and services
    (health including WASH, HIV/AIDS, Malaria; education, social security,
    protection, livelihood, environment, culture) of the government of Nepal to
    claim their rights and accessed to services
  • Build up capacity of community, local government, and district stakeholders,
    institutions through training, workshop, and conference for participatory
    planning, child rights, human rights protection, and good governance
  • Promote access to justice for people in need through conflict resolution and
    peace building and strengthening the capacity of the judicial committee
  • Literacy, life skill, income generation and vocational training to women and
    youths for climate resilient livelihood, food and nutrition security and their
    social-economic empowerment
  • Advocacy for school is the right place for girls, Dalits, and Muslims to protect
    them from violence
  • Establish emergency resilient communities, schools through disaster risk
    management, emergency response (earthquake, flood, fire, windstorm, cold
    wave, heat wave, and COVID pandemic), disaster risk management, and early
    warning system including emergency desk and information technology
  • Conduct survey (baseline, end line), action research, and evaluation (midterm,
    final) to identify the issues related to education, health, agriculture,