International research shows that children learn best in their mother tongue. The mother tongue is the means of higher learning achievement. It helps to build a strong foundation for learning for the child. They can also do better in national and international languages if started with the mother tongue. World Education’s initial efforts on getting mother tongue Early Grade Reading materials has been proven that it was very effective because Tharu children using those materials in Grade 1, 2 and 3 marked and gained significant learning (WELA Report 2016). The National Early Grade Reading Program (NEGRP) has also identified the need of development of more reading materials in local languages targeting minority groups.

Many nationally produced materials use ideas and situations that are unfamiliar to young readers. The Minister of Education has policy provision for teachers to incorporate 20% of local content into the curriculum. However, they are struggling for localization of the content and relying solely on the textbooks. Teachers and ethnic minority Janjati groups interested in promoting their languages are all getting involved in producing more reading materials for young readers.

An assessment of school library books in 2014 found that out of more than 600 children’s book titles that were being provided to school libraries across the country, however, as assessment shows that Grade 1 teacher found that children could read themselves only in three schools. Therefore, World Education has created the Read-Learn-Know package (a reading material) with the BASE for the Tharu communities. Besides that, the government’s NEGRP has also produced early grade books and materials greatly increasing the number of titles available. Despite these children need many more materials if they are to become fluent readers.

The most active and creative teachers find out that it is easy to make their own books using chart paper and local ideas. Many teachers are struggling to keep books simple, enough for the children so that they teach and make reading to students and would benefit from access to technology that can help them to produce materials.

Hence, the nationally approved BLOOM software has been introduced to enable teachers, writers, parents and other educators produce materials in different languages. This will initially create a large pool of electric books the best of which can then be printed for children.