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Thematic Area / Protection

Reduced incidence of Child Marriage

To see the impact, LIFE Nepal had set an indicator “No evidence of child marriage captured in Wards or Palikas”. For that, LIFE conducted a survey on child marriage through mobilizing its staffs and volunteers. It was found that the incidence of child marriage has been in decreasing trend because the prevalence of child marriage has been reduced to 30% in 2021 from 37% in 2020. It can be clearly seen that the value was on to top notch of 50% in 2019.

Girls are taking actions against child marriage

One of the significant activities of LIFE Nepal was review and implementation of plan of action of girls’ club/network because girls are taking actions against child marriage once they found in the community during their door-to-door home visit, follow up, and monitoring (based on their plan of action) by either calling at toll free number or making police complaints. In addition to that, they were engaged in the communities by organizing extra-curricular and awareness activities for stopping child marriage. They also have vowed to marry after 20 years only. This contributed in increasing awareness on ending child marriage and reducing the instances of child marriage in the project area as 105 cases of child marriage were reported in this reporting period. This has ultimately contributed to promote girls in education as drop out number of girls reduced from 142 in 2077 BS to 99 in 2078 BS. LIFE Nepal reviewed the plan of action of girls’ clubs that was developed previously and was in function. Through this, LIFE engaged 246 girls during this reporting period. In addition to this, LIFE followed to find the fact regarding how much local resources allocated by local governments in response to implement the plan of action of girls’ clubs. In the response, LIFE found that 90% of the planned activities of the girls’ club like conducting life skills sessions to parents and students, extracurricular and awareness activities on ending child marriage, door-to-door home visit, motivation and counselling for girls and parents etc. were successfully implemented and for that local governments allocated about NPR 500000.00.

Boys club members are becoming able to facilitate and refer the child marriage cases to police cell

LIFE organized life skill and leadership training with 26 boys club/network members. The overall objective of the training was to equip life skill and leadership skills of boys’ club members, so that they could negotiate, communicate properly, and decide for themselves confidently as well as take a lead for campaign against child marriage. Finally, they enhanced their leadership and life skills and they mobilized in the community jointly with girls’ clubs to take as actions against child marriage. Due to that, 105 cases of child marriages were reported and referred in this reporting period. In this way, boys club members are becoming able to facilitate and refer the child marriage cases to police cell.

Students, parents as well as religious leaders agreed to boycott the child marriage ceremony and local police is assisting in ending child marriage.

To inform and aware mothers/parents especially on the causes and consequences of early/child marriage, SHRH and legal provision of the government of Nepal, LIFE Nepal designed and developed radio programs as well as poster and pamphlets in Nepali and local languages and hoarding board disseminated in the project area, Palikas and schools. Through these IEC materials about 450000 community people were made aware and were sensitized. They enhanced knowledge on the consequences of child marriage, legal law, and provisions. In addition to this, they knew about the importance of girls’ education. Finally, they committed and agreed to boycott the child marriage ceremony. They are cooperating for reducing child marriage; however, exceptionally, they have a threat of child marriage in the case of love marriage which they are addressing through professional conselling with the couple and their families.