This case study is based on interviewing with Bimala Rai. She is the chairperson of Girls Club in Benga Dabur school of Mithila Municipality and studying in grade 10. Now she is 17 years. Five years ago, when she was just 12 years old, and she went out with a boy from a nearby village as in love. Everything was fine until that boy started pressuring her to marry him. If she didn’t, boy threatened to marry someone else. After 1 year her father passed away and she became orphan. Her mother took care her along with her sister and brothers despite dependent on farming vegetables in a small piece of land to sustain her family. Times were difficult, and her mother struggled to look after her children. Marrying at a young age is a very common practice among the people there. When this boy came to her and threatened to marry someone else, she was hurt and sad. Finally, she married with this boy as eloped marriage with him. When Bimala   told him about her dream was to continue school, it was hard for him to resist.

Just a few days later, her husband left for India to work, like many of the other young men from the community. Then her carrying depend on her mother-in-law and brother-in-law. After some days, she was not allowed even to have a phone conversation with wife and husband. Her mother-in-law and her family disturb her in her life. Mother and brother-in-law started to assault. Her mother and brother came and tried to take her home, but in laws would not allow it. After a few days on the day of BhaiTika of Hindu festival, she escaped and returned to mother’s home. Now she is single and pursuing her high school education, focusing on management studies. She is the chairperson of Girls Club after being associated with Girls club, she has gained confidence, and able to share her story with others. She is working to stop child marriage in her village and making parents aware of the issues caused by child marriage and the laws against it.